Vision From The Future


The following vision statement tells the story of our project 10 years from now. It is NOT speaking about events that could happen in the future. It is an imagination exercise – or role play – as if we were all living already on planet Earth in 2030.

Thrive in Community Food Forests in 2030

The concepts of intersecting COMMUNITY, FOOD and FORESTS had taken off all over the world since 2020. The planet started to become a worldwide network of diverse community food forests (again) thanks to globally coordinated implementation efforts (Soccer World Cup style), which transitioned our agricultural system into edible landscapes, and thus achieved long-lasting positive impacts on the planet and our future.

How did we know in 2020 that a Worldwide Network of Community Food Forests was possible?

Because many individual projects were already sprouting…

If the above imagination exercise is too far-fetched for you, here is our vision in a more conventional way, which also summarizes the aspects featured in the video:

We envision a worldwide network of diverse community food forests in 2030, in which areas for wild life and humans co-exist, and the different layers of forests not only provide food (for human and non-human animals) but also medicine, building material, and other ecosystem benefits. We also foresee these food forests as places for recreation, education, cultural and social engagement, which result not only in landscapes that are more resilient to climate extremes but also in more resilient societies, in which people connect, trust each other and cooperate to co-create the world they want to live in.