Zubieta Calvert, Jorge Arturo

Name: Jorge Arturo Zubieta Calvert

Nationality: Mexican. Born in Distrito Federal, renamed Mexico City

Languages: Native Spanish, fluid in English


Jorge Arturo has a license to communicate (B.A.) from the Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City; shares practice and theory as an eco-builder from Earthship Academy specializing in radically sustainable housing; and is a cook of plant foods in their natural state or with minimal denaturation (no added refined oils and minimal salt and sugar). 

He also has training and practice in Hasya Yoga, Positive Psychology Coaching, English-Spanish interpreter-translator, and enjoys singing and playing guitar with other musicians, as well as being an avid reader, enjoys biking, running and watching movies in matinee.

With over a decade of experience in the field, and now as a vegan permaculture designer, he serves the vision of co-creating social projects that lead us to live in regenerative, thriving, inclusive and interdependent cultures.


12/2000 Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe Campus, Mexico City.

Bachelor’s degree in Communication with specialization in advertising and organizational communication.

10/2007 Laughter Yoga International, Petaluma, California, U.S.A.

Laughter Yoga Teacher Certification

[Related video: “Celebrando 2 años de hacer Yoga de la Risa (Celebrating 2 years of doing Laughter Yoga) 2009”]

07/2010 Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe Campus, Mexico City.

Diploma in Positive Psychology: The science of subjective well-being (happiness).

12/2010 Terapia de la Risa, Mexico City.

Diploma in Training Laughter Therapists (40 hours).

11/2012 Positive Acorn, online distance learning course.

Positive Psychology Certified Coach: Trained on the coaching method using Positive Psychology.

[Related interviews: “Psicología Positiva y Alegría en el Trabajo (Positive Psychology and Joy in the Workplace”)” on Mexico’s national T.V. channel, and a Skype interview with Ian Usher “The Man Who Sold His Life on eBay (El hombre que vendió su vida en eBay)“]

11/2012 Positive Acorn, online distance learning course.

Certification in advanced positive psychology interventions

Training in advanced interventions to implement them using the coaching method.

04/2015 Earthship Academy, Tres Piedras, New Mexico, U.S.A.

Academy session graduate: One-month diploma course with daily biotecture construction practices combined with theoretical classes.

[Related Video: “Why I am interested in Earthships? (¿Por qué me interesan los Earthships?)

Presentation during the aftermath of the 2017 earthquake in Mexico: “Earthship Hut A Prueba de Terremotos y Huracanes (Earthship Hut Earthquake and Hurricane Proof)”

And this other one that I didn’t even remember “Viernes 13 de Terror Ecológico (Friday the 13th of Ecological Horror)” PART 1 and PART 2.]

04/2017 Granja Tequio, Atlixco, Mexico.

Natural Finishes Workshop: 3 days of practice to preserve the natural characteristics in the finish phase of bio-constructions.

07/2017 Tamera, online distance learning course.

Healing Biotope Plan: a vision of global system change.

[Related website entry: “Experimental Peace Research and Learning Centers (Centros experimentales de investigación y aprendizaje sobre la paz)”]

08/2019 Permaculture Association, Roots ‘n Permaculture, Chival, Villar-sur-Var, France.

14-day intensive course in Vegan Permaculture Design (PDC), with practical social design and Sociocracy. 30 participants from 5 countries gathered up on the French mountains somewhere near the Swiss border, in a sanctuary for animals rescued from ending in a slaughterhouse.

[Related videos: “PDC Project Presentation: Community Food Forest Planet” y “Hauling water at Villar-sur-Var, France“]

06/2020 Trees for the Future: Forest Garden Training Center, online training.

Certified Forest Garden Trainer: Recognized by the United Nations, this certificate ensures mastery of valuable agroforestry skills for work in agriculture and community development. It provides knowledge and credentials in this sector to lead events and workshops on adaptation to extreme climate events and sustainable agriculture.

05/2022 Final Passages Level 2: Death Doula (Weekend long online intensive training)

05/2022 Sovereign Academy (3 months online course)
Brief introduction to the history of law (private law & public law); what is Legal Fiction; discovering the Trust; difference between Creditor, Beneficiary and Debtor; communication and contract structure; study of the contract for its communication.


1999 – 2000 Alumni Society, Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe Campus, Mexico City.

2001 Degree Obtained Due to Academic Excellence, Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Universidad Iberoamericana, Santa Fe Campus, Mexico City.


08/2002 Bosque de Niebla “Las Cañadas”, Huatusco, Veracruz.

2-day visit through different agro-ecological production units and conservation areas.

09/2012 Vía Orgánica, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.

2-day Biointensive Agriculture Course: “Learn to Grow Your Own Food”.

09/2012 Fundación Xochitla, A.C., Tepotzotlán, State of Mexico.

Workshop: Biointensive Home Vegetable Gardens (8 hours)

04/2013 “Bioimperialism and transgenic contamination”, Alberto Barajas Celis auditorium, UNAM, Mexico City.

Lecture by Dr. Vandana Shiva, theoretical physicist with the thesis “Changes in the concept of periodicity of light”; master’s degree in philosophy of science, thesis philosophical basis of quantum mechanics. Writer. Activist of ecofeminism. She was awarded the Alternative Nobel Prize. Interdisciplinary research on science, technology and environmental policy. Founder of the organization Navdanya (nine crops), a women’s social movement to protect diversity and seeds. She rescues and conserves crops that are at risk of extinction and preserves the biodiversity of agriculture endangered by the planting of transgenic seeds, chemical fertilizers and pesticides. It has mobilized 5 million farmers in India against the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GAT). This table was part of the Days Against Transgenic Maize.

Three recommendations from Vandana Shiva: Fight locally to connect globally. Cultivate local seeds and prevent GMOs. Show the true nature of transnationals. Monsanto imposes itself against people, nature and culture.

2013 Espirulina Viva: Spirulina production

03/2016 Asociación Mexicana de Arboricultura, A.C., Autonomous University of Chapingo, Texcoco, State of Mexico.

Basic Urban Tree Climbing Course (10 hours) and

Intermediate Urban Tree Climbing Course (10 hours).

01/2017 Tsomanotik, Tzimol, Chiapas.

Induction Week: 5-day tour of productive agroecological units and practices in sugar cane processing for panela or piloncillo.

07/2017 Casa Tlamamatla, Tepetlixpa, State of Mexico.

Day tour of various farmlands in different microclimates. Workshop on the elaboration of farm products. Harvest practice and lunch with products of the milpa. 

10/2017 Organic Amaranth Without Toxics Or Livestock Waste, Zona Volcanes, Mexico City.

VEGANIC (Organic-Vegan) crops free of #Patents, #Transgenics, #PetrochemicalFertilizers, #ToxicFumigations, #Blood, #Bones, #Dung, #FishingWaste and #AnimalsUsedForTrapping and #Livestock.

[Related Video: “Amaranto Veganico SLT (E03Teaser)”]

12/2017 Urban Gardens On Rooftops and Garages, Santa María la Ribera, Mexico City.

Practical workshop on soil preparation for planting food given by Martha Zarate to neighbors of the neighborhood.

[Related video: “Huertos Urbanos En Azoteas y Garajes (E02)”]

03/2018 Fruit Haven, in Chuchumbleza (near Gualaquiza), Ecuadorian Amazon.

Volunteering for 2 months practicing how to make a subtropical vegan organic fruit forest from seed to planting.

[Related blog: “Moving countries to live in a Raw Vegan Fruit Forest Community in the Ecuadorian Amazon did not work out 1 year ago. What has happened since. (Mudarse de país para vivir en una Comunidad Crudi Vegana Cultivando Bosques Frutales en la Amazonía Ecuatoriana no funcionó hace 1 año. Qué ha pasado desde entonces) 2018)“]

11/2018 Reserva Guaycuyacu, north of Mashpi, Ecuadorian rainforest.

Apprentice program to learn from the founders of this living exotic tropical fruit seed bank. We completed 3 weeks of the month due to medical emergency.

[Related videos: “Salak: the snake fruit (Salak: la fruta serpiente)“, “Jackfruit in the Rain Forest (Jackfruit en la selva tropical)“, and “Eating the Miracle Fruit @ Jaboticaba farm (Comiendo la fruta milagrosa @ finca Jaboticaba)]

03/2019 +Acumen, Massive Open Online Course.

Designing for environmental sustainability and social impact: “Facilitating the transition of a small indigenous family farm in the Ecuadorian Andes to a sustainable tree-based vegan food system.”

[Related blog: “Guiding Star and Near Star in Systems Thinking (Estrella guía y estrella cercana en el pensamiento sistémico)”]

08/2019 Dein Hof, Dresden, Germany.

Volunteering on 4 hectares grown with vegetables, lettuce, herbs and potatoes for more than 300 people. It is a solidarity agriculture project that lives from the diverse and voluntary commitment as well as from the monthly economic contributions of the CSA participants.

[Related video: “A day volunteering at Dein Hof (Un día de voluntariado en Dein Hof)” and “Donated Veggie Box Pick-Up (Recogida de cajas de verduras donadas)”]

09/2019 PlantAge, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany.

Volunteering at a vegan and organic CSA farm near the Polish border. Founded as an association in March 2018, and was subsequently established in September 2018 in Berlin as a cooperative (legal entity).

[Related video: “PlantAge: “Stock Free” Organic CSA (SolaWi)”]

03/2021 Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada and the Plant-Based Agriculture Society of Dalhousie University. Six webinars of 2 hours each.

Managing Relationships rather than Crops, given by Helen Atthowe: 

Ten principles for managing ecological relationships on eco-organic farms. 

Soil and habitat construction techniques in a closed system organic vegetable garden and farm. 

05/2021 Hagia Sofía, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca.

1-day tour of the botanical garden and “exotic” fruit orchards.


1995 INEA Instituto Nacional para la Educación del Adulto (National Institute for Adult Education), Mexico City. 

Social service as a requirement for High School graduation.

06/2000 – 12/2000 Programa de las Naciones Unidas Para el Medio Ambiente (PNUMA) (United Nations Environmental Program, UNEP), Mexico City. 

Social service as a requirement for attaining university degree.

2008 Final Passages Institute of Conscious Dying, Home Funeral & Green Burial Education, Sebastopol and Santa Rosa, California, U.S.A.

Volunteering in artistic events for charitable and community outreach: “The Masks of Death” at the French Garden Restaurant, and “A Concert Extraordinaire II” with Jennifer Berezan and Jami Sieber at The Glaser Center.

2009 Sokka Gakai, Mexico City.

Laughter Yoga Conference 

2009 Speaker at the 11th Annual All India Laughter Yoga Conference. (LAFF 2009), Bangalore, India, 2009.

I presented the motivation and experiences I had to introduce Laughter Yoga in the USA, Mexico and other Latin American countries together with my colleagues and students.

2010 Centro Kanda, Mexico City.

Laughter Yoga Presentation and Workshop to benefit Doctors Without Borders for its humanitarian work in Haiti after the earthquake.

2011 Thompson Reuters, Nicosia , Cyprus.

At the Wellness Week organized locally for Cyprus office staff, I gave a presentation on the topic: Positive Psychology and Happiness at Work.

2011 Mind, Body & Spirit Cyprus, Hilton Park Hotel, Nicosia.

Speaker: Positive Psychology and The Power of Your Strengths.

01/2014 Invited speaker at the Positive Psychology Diploma of the Universidad Iberoamericana.

Speaker: Positive Psychology, Personal Strengths and Happiness at Work.

2012 – 2015 Free community screenings in the pre-Netflix era.

Selected documentaries to initiate face-to-face conversations on a variety of topics:

· Happy

Two screenings and public interactions in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus in 2012, one in Mexico City in 2013 and another two in Puerto Morelos, Q. Roo in 2015. Documentary about Positive Psychology or Science of Subjective Wellbeing or Happiness.

· World Peace and Other Fourth-Grade Achievements

 One time screening and public interaction in Puerto Morelos of this powerful and beautiful documentary that interweaves the story of John Hunter, a teacher in Charlottesville, Virginia, with his students’ participation in an exercise called the World Peace Game. The game triggers an eight-week transformation of the children from students of a neighborhood public school to citizens of the world. The film reveals how a wise, loving teacher can unleash students’ full potential.

· Money & Life.

One time screening and public interaction at Cinépolis Diana, Mexico City, 2013. This Doc took us into the scenario of finance and its imminent evolution towards something more valuable than only money.

· Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret

Two screenings and public interaction at Cine Tonalá, Mexico City, 2014, and promotion of the screening in Taos, New Mexico during the Earth Day event. Brings a much needed touch of good humor to the unsustainable situation of the food system and its impact on the environment.

2012 – 2017 Summer Trips & Vegan Picnics

Mushroom Festival, Cuajimoloyas, Sierra de Juárez, Oaxaca.

Group travel in 2014

Centro Ecoturístico Monte Flor (Ecoturism Center of Monte Flor), Jacatepec, Oaxaca.

Group travel in 2014

Picnics touring different parks in Mexico City with the objective of sharing food made from plants with non-profit objectives to live together in a social and non-commercial environment.

08/2017 Forever MicroRanch: A community life project, southwest Saskatchewan, near the border with Montana, Canadá.

A Canadian non-profit organization. They are a passionate same-sex female couple committed to social justice for all non-humans, humans and the environment through a pro-intersectional approach to developing a sustainable living model within which farm animals are empowered co-citizens of the community.

03/2019 – 03/2021 Agroecological Buying Club, Mexico City.

Group purchases of agro-ecological ingredients from near Mexico City: Mutual aid initiative to support local agro-ecological projects and obtain discounted prices on bulk plant-based ingredients of the highest quality and nutrition.

05/2018 – 12/2018 PlantPure Communities, online.

Volunteer Spanish translations of PPC resources: Spanish translations of resources to make it easier for local groups to enroll local restaurants in certification as sites offering healthy foods made from plants. E.g. Action Sheet: Shortcut to Success, Fact Sheet: Oil-Free Plant-Based Cooking for Restaurants, Fact Sheet: WFPB Food Explained for Restaurant Owners/Managers, Action Sheet: Shortcut to Success for Restaurant Campaign Supporter, PlantPure Communities Oasis Quick Start Program: Explanation for Local Program Coordinator on Participant Forms.

11/2018 Mercado Vegano (Vegan Market), Mundo Juvenil del Parque La Carolina, Quito, Ecuador.

Conversation Circle: ’Edible forests and vegan permaculture in Ecuador’. Experiences of 11 months traveling through the Amazon, Sierra and Coast regions.

12/2019 – 03/2020 Climate Healers, online.

Joined as a certified climate healers and used Sociocracy as an attempt to clarify the most important objective in Climate Healers Vegan World 2026 project, and how do we want to contribute to realize it.

04/2021 Chulas Praderas Proyecto Cultural Comunitario (Cultural Community Project), San Sebastián Río Hondo, Oaxaca.

INTERVIEW of “Chulas Praderas. La Praderita Workshop and Art Gallery”


2009 International Laughter Yoga Teachers Certification, given by Dr. Madan Kataria, founder of this technique, Morelos and Mexico City.

I formed a team to achieve this certification in Mexico, I did the planning, administration and simultaneous interpretation of the teachings during the certification. I also coordinated interviews in national media. Fifty people from 7 countries of the American Continent and the Caribbean participated.

2011 The Mastery of Mind and Body Using the Power of the Elements: 2-day Purification Retreat*, by Elina Papa from Cyprus, State of Mexico.

In charge of the planning, administration and simultaneous interpretation of the teachings. I also designed the dishes on the menu.

2015 Tibetan Bowls Sound Therapy, by Migues in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato.


2006 I am one out of of 20,000 people who went all clothes off in a artistic photographic shoot session at dawn in Mexico City’s downtown (Zócalo). Related video: “Video Spencer Tunick Ciudad de Mexico Zocalo

2008 – 2012 In three countries of two continents, I trained more than 100 people to Laugh Without Reason by combining pranayama breathing and playful body movement.


12/2000 I meditated in silence for 10 days next to the Tepozteco (Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico). This was in a Vipassana center of Mr. Goenka’s school that no longer exists. It was more difficult for me to finish those 10 days than to run 26 miles of a marathon!

10/2006 I ran the entire distance of the Chicago Marathon (my first and only marathon) after only 4 months of training. The plan was to finish it in 4 1/2 hours, and I finished it in 4 hours 33 minutes. The marathon was almost cancelled due to a snow storm alert!

2010 I drove a half-ton truck from Mexico City all the way to Puerto Morelos (Quintana Roo) and back. I fulfilled the objective of moving house furniture to a vacationing home located inside a social housing development. It took me less than a week to do this!

2012 I drove from Mexico City to McAllen, Texas, USA. The goal was to obtain technological equipment to prepare plant-based foods in it’s raw form.

08/2016 For more than 3 months in a row I fed myself, my mother and my sister with pure raw plants deliciously prepared by me.

03/2021 I camped for 1 month in the Southern Sierra of Oaxaca without electricity, shower or refrigerator.

07/2021 Did not use antibiotics or painkillers after having a tooth extracted. The thought of having the procedure with no anesthesia did cross my mind.


Home birthing 

Home funerals

Guitar Playing


Food Forests

Vegan Permaculture

Intentional Communities

Convivial Conservation

Biotecture (living constructions for the sustenance of life)

Land access and the commons

Legal entities of cooperative systems

Legal structures for land tenure in commons

Natural and nutritional immunity

Healthy, abundant and biologically diverse ecosystems

Informed consent

Medical freedom

Extremely low frequencies

Non-ionizing electromagnetic radiation


Open data

Access to water

Outdoor access





1992 Metaphysics for Young People I and II, ProSer, Mexico City.

Meditation practices and metaphysical diagnosis of illnesses, related beliefs and the power of affirmations.

2007 ProEmpleo, Mexico City.

I got trained to develop the priority areas of all entrepreneurship: Human Development, Strategic Planning, Accounting, Finance and Business Plan.

03/2008 Namaste, Mexico City.

Tantra Introduction Course: The feminine energy of creation.

08/2008 Five-day Family Retreat, Spirit Rock Meditation Center in the Buddhist tradition, California, USA.

Combination of sitting time for meditation with the gathered Sangha and Dharma sessions combined with family activities and sharing communal meals.

08/2010 Commemorations for the centenary of Kyabe Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche, Teatro de la Ciudad (City’s Theatre), México City.

Matthieu Ricard, coautor de El monje y el filósofo, visited the country to give a couple of lectures. [Related video: “Matthieu Ricard: Hombre Más Feliz del Mundo (Matthieu Ricard: Happiest Man in the World)”]

2010 Deeksha Giver course, Mexico City.

Two days of preparation to train me in this “Unity Blessing”, which produces a neurobiological change in the brain that balances its functioning and opens the consciousness. It is a transmission of intelligent energy that is received at the top of the head, at the crown, through the imposition of the hands of a Deeksha Giver for a few seconds or minutes. Although it is also possible to receive it, like other healings, with the power of the intention of the one who sends it. It is not a religion or a dogmatic practice. Rather, it is a spiritual experience that connects with the sense of oneness in everything.

2011 Spring Energy Camp: Qigong and Taichi on the beach!, Karpaz, Cyprus.

2-Day Qigong and Taichi training. (

2011 Autotelic Experiences and the Stae of FLOW (flow theory), Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City.

Conference and two-day class by psychologist Mihály “Mike” Csíkszentmihályi. He is internationally known for his extensive and robust research in the field of positive psychology, being the creator of the flow theory, which explains that people are happiest when they are in a state of fluidity, concentration or complete absorption with the activity and situation in which they find themselves. His book, Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience, has been translated into more than 20 languages.

04/2012 Metamorphosis 1 with Carol Ann Hotz, Raleigh, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Certificate in Evolving Relationships: Introduction to Specialized Kinesiology. Study program about techniques to eliminate physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual blockages, raising the quality of life.

10/2013 Instituto Politécnico Nacional, in Mexico City and Valle La Paz, in the State of Mexico.

Economy of the Common Good”, presentation and workshop given by Christian Felber.

05 – 09/2018 Gaia Sagrada, in the Ecuadorian Andes mountain range.

Work Exchange program: Room and board in exchange of service work in ancestral plant medicine retreat center.

09/2018 WholExpo & VegFest 2018, Bogota, Colombia.

This three-day event brought together more than 5,000 people, including children, families, teachers, entrepreneurs, farmers, doctors, trainers, experts, businesses and farmers’ markets.  

[Related video: “WholExpo premier of “Whole Makeover”]

10/2018 IV Encuentro Mujeres de Luna Blanca: Integrando al Ser (White Moon Women’s Gathering: Integrating the Self), Shuar Shyram Yaa Community. Gualaquiza – Condor Mountain Range. Ecuadorian Amazon.

Meeting of women and for the first time also open to men to honor the generations and live the contact with the ancient memory of our people. The purpose of the meeting, in addition to the time and teachings shared, was to provide a contribution to the community and 30% of the proceeds went to work in the community.

2018 Wim Hof Method, online practices wile based in Mindo on the Ecuadorian rainforest.

“Classic 10-Week Course”. 10 weekly video classes following the overview of the breathing technique. Many of the cold shower exercises occurred in the local stream. 

03/2018 – 03/2019 Trusted Housitters, Quito and Mexico City.

Fascinating experiences caring for pets and homes.

09 – 12/2019 Presencing Institute, u.lab. Massive Open Online Course.

How to activate our ability to peer into the emerging future may be the most important leadership challenge of our time. How to cultivate curiosity, compassion and courage in the face of prejudice, anger and fear?

This course is an introduction to a method called Theory U, developed at MIT, for leading such change in business, government and civil society contexts around the world.

03 – 06/2020 Presencing Institute, u.lab. Massive Open Online Course.

GAIA: Global Activation of Intention and Action.

14 weeks to co-activate a process of civilizational renewal, which helps to: 

· reimagining how we want to live and work together

· reinvent our economies in the service of the well-being of everyone

· evolve our democracies so that they are more direct and dialogic,

· and reform our learning systems in ways that integrate head, heart and hand.

03/2021 Kolinda, Sierra Sur, Oaxaca.

One month volunteering in different tasks. Mainly in the composting project. Demolition of the facade wall of the community house and collection of materials to rebuild it. Structure of the supports for the roof of the clay oven and rocket stove. Installation of vehicle access sign supports. Diagnosis and repair of the irrigation system for the cultivation beds. Rotation of food preparation for volunteers and owners.

06/2021 Ubiquity University, four webinars of 1 hour each. 3 hours per week, in a total of 4 weeks. 

Doughnut Economic’s Fundamentals course with Kate Raworth for:

  • Explain the major concepts underlying donut economics.
  • Understand the ramifications of exceeding planetary boundaries on Earth systems.
  • Delve into practical application through case studies.
  • Begin my own exploration process to see if the donut economy could be viable in my community or local area.


1993 Villa Romana, Mexico City.

Part of the nightclub entertainment team.

1994 Syntex Labs, Mexico City.

Summer program for family members. Support in design evaluation and approval of drug packaging.

1995 Gutierrez de la Peza y Asociados, Mexico City.

Installation technician: Ethernet networks and licensed software for computer equipment.

1995 Pipiol Camp, Pipioltepec, State of Mexico.

Part of the team of summer camp leaders for students from Mexico City schools.

06/1998 – 05/1999 Profesional Services & Business Development, Mexico City.

Production of pre-recorded capsules for live transmission via satellite to the entire Mexican Republic for the training of the sales force of General Motors Mexico vehicles. Co-host of these programs on both days of the event.

03/2001 – 05/2001 McCann Erickson, Mexico City.

Internship program in international advertising agencies.

05/2001 – 07/2005 Cartel Comunicación Visual, Mexico City.

I managed several projects, such as communication strategy proposals, photo shoots, information graphics and illustrations for different clients from sporting events, telecommunications companies, pharmaceutical companies, automobile manufacturers and film studios.

07/2005 – 03/2006 CIE Comercial – Media Innovations, Mexico City.

Digital content production for alternative media displays in large concert halls, movie theaters, airports, private universities, gaming facilities and marketing events.

2008 – 2012 Laughter Yoga International, Mexico, U.S.A., Cyprus.

Laughter Yoga instructor and trainer. National Mass Media spokesperson.

2010 – 2013 Giro Positivo, Mexico, Cyprus.

Corporate Training and Personal Development.

04/2011 Expo Control de Plagas y Salud Pública 2011 (Expo Pest Control and Public Health), Centro Banamex, Mexico City.

Emceeing the full 3 days of Expo. [See related video: Fumigación Ineficaz en Villas Morelos II por parte de la Secrtaria de Salud (Ineffective Fumigation in Villas Morelos II by the Health Secretariat)]

2014 – 2018 Vete A La Fruta, Mexico City.

Action of vegan outreach, social projects and food production.

2018 – up until now, Noble Peace Tribe

Co-creator, WordPress webmaster and content production.

2019 – up until now, Free Food For Future

Co-creator, WordPress webmaster and content production.

2012  – up until now, The Good Inside, Touchstone Essentials.

I use and share this company’s nutritional supplements since the year it was founded, for preventative or restorative health. My online store is: