Jorge Zubieta’s CV

Brief description of my education history, formal and informal:

Dalhousie University, Organic Agriculture Centre of Canada (OACC) Agricultural Campus Plant-Based Society (ACPBS), Six 2 hour long online webinars (February – March 2021)
“Soil and Habitat-Building Techniques on a Closed-System Organic Orchard and Vegetable Farm with Helen Atthowe” MANAGE RELATIONSHIPS RATHER THAN JUST CROPS: Ten Principles for Managing Ecological Relationships on Eco-Organic Farms.

Trees for the Future: The Forest Garden Training Center, Forest Garden (Edible Forests) Certification Challenge (April 2020 – June 2020)
Forest Garden Trainer Certification
An intensive course and exam that provides agroforestry and international development practitioners with the tools and knowledge needed to implement and train others in the Forest Garden Approach (a centuries-old, indigenous farming practice into a proven, replicable, scalable model that restores degraded monocropped farmland into biodiverse forest gardens). This United Nations recognized certification ensures mastery of agroforestry skills valuable for agriculture and community development agents, and gives you industry knowledge and credentials to lead climate adaptation and sustainable agriculture events and workshops.

Permaculture Association, Roots ‘n Permaculture & Chival , Villar-sur-Var, France (August 2019)
“Vegan Permaculture Design Course”, 2 week training (Certificate)
Related videos: “PDC Project Presentation: Community Food Forest Planet” and “Hauling water at Villar-sur-Var, France

+Acumen, MOOC (February – March 2019)
“Designing for Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact”
Related blog: “Guiding Star and Near Star in Systems Thinking

Tamera, Online Course (June 2017)
“Healing Biotopes Plan – Join a Vision for Global System Change!”
Related web page: “Experimental Peace Research and Learning Centers

Earthship Academy, Tres Piedras, NM (April 2015)
Earthship Academy Session Graduate: Biotecture hands-on construction and in-class theory (Diploma) 
Related Video blog: “Why I am interested in Earthships?

Presentation during Mexico’s 2017 Earthquake Aftermath (in Spanish): “Earthship Hut A Prueba de Terremotos y Huracanes

Positive Acorn, Online Course (November 2012)
Positive Psychology Coach (Certificate)
Related interviews: “Psicología Positiva y Alegría en el Trabajo” on Mexican national T.V. Channel, and Skype interview with Ian Usher “The Man Who Sold His Life on eBay

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City (June 2010)
Positive Psychology (Diploma) 

Laughter Yoga International, Petaluma, CA (Septembre 2007)
Laughter Yoga Teacher (Certificate)
Related video: “Celebrating 2 years of doing Laughter Yoga (2009)

Universidad Iberoamericana, Mexico City (August 1996 – December 2000)
Communication (B.A.), specialized in advertising and organizational development 

Brief description of my work & volunteering history:

Local Agroecology Buyers Club, Mexico City (March 2019 – March 2020)
Mutual aid initiative to support local agroecological projects and get bulk discounted prices on highest quality and nutrition from plant based ingredients. 

PlantAge, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany (September 2019)
PlantAge is a vegan and organic farm near the border to Poland. Founded as an association in March 2018, it was also later established in September 2018 in Berlin as a cooperative (legal entity). (Ten day volunteer)
Related video: “A day volunteering at Plantage

Dein Hof, Dresden, Germany (August 2019)
4 hectares cultivated with vegetables, lettuce, herbs and potatoes for more than 300 people. It is a solidarity agriculture project that lives from the diverse and voluntary commitment as well as from the monthly financial contributions of the participants. (One day volunteer)
Related videos: “A day volunteering at Dein Hof” and “Donated Veggie Box Pick-Up

Reserva Guaycuyacu, Ecuador’s Rain Forest (November 2108)
Apprentice Program to learn from the founders of this living breathing exotic tropical fruit seed bank (1 month)
Related videos: “Salak: the snake fruit“, “Jackfruit in the Rain Forest“, and “Eating the Miracle Fruit (@ Jaboticaba farm)

Gaia Sagrada, Ecuador’s Andes mountains (May – September 2018)
Work Exchange in a medicine plants and wellness retreat center

Fruit Haven, Ecuador’s Amazon (February – March 2018)
Volunteered 2 months in Chuchumbleza (near Gualaquiza), learning about vegan organic fruit forest in a subtropical environment. And potentially could have stayed on as community member
Related Blog: “Moving countries to live in a Raw Vegan Fruit Forest Community in the Ecuadorian Amazon did not work out 1 year ago. What has happened since? (2018)

Trusted Housitters, Quito & Mexico City (March 2018 – March 2019)
Paying Member to pet and housesit in different locations while being part of a trusted community of this special type of care givers

Vete A La Fruta – Vegan outreach, social projects and food production, Mexico (2014-2018)

Giro Positivo – Corporate trainings, Mexico, Cyprus (2010-2013)

Laughter Yoga Instructor, Mexico, USA, Cyprus (2008-2012)

CIE Comercial – Media Innovations, Mexico City. · Manager (July/2005 – March/2006)
Digital content production for alternative media displays at major concert venues, movie theaters, airports, private universities, gaming facilities, and marketing events.

Cartel Comunicación Visual, Mexico City. · Manager (May 2001 – July 2005)
Managed several projects, such as communication strategy proposals, photo shoots, informational graphics, and illustrations for different clients for sports events, telecommunication companies, pharmaceuticals, car manufacturers and film studios.

McCann Erickson, Advertising Agency Trainee Program (March – May 2001) 

U.N. Environmental Program, Mexico City. (June/2000 – December/2000)
Social service as a requirement to attain university degree

Fun Facts About Me

Jorge has been a laughter yoga teacher and participated in a photo shoot of over 20,000 naked people in downtown Mexico City at sunrise!
Related video: “Video Spencer Tunick Ciudad de Mexico Zocalo (2006)

Hobbies & Interests

Guitar, singing, yoga, edible forests, veganic permaculture, intentional communities, marine conservation, zero plastic, and so much more!

Random life experiences

Ran the full length of the Chicago Marathon after only training 4 months of training, 2006.

Did a 10 day silent meditation retreat in the year 2000 (was harder than running the Marathon)


Mexican born world citizen, have lived some time in California, Cyprus, and Ecuador.
Vegan Permaculture Designer.
Looove preparing Whole Foods Plant Based, no oil, low salt low sugar meals! I enjoy playing guitar and singing along with others.
I am a Hasya Yoga (Laughter Yoga) Teacher with international experience in bilingual Spanish and English classes and events.
Earthship Academy Session Graduate in Taos, NM.
Positive Psychology Coach.
Bachelor of Arts in Communication.
English to Spanish Translator and Interpreter (Related video: English to Spanish and Spanish to English interpreting on a Live National Radio Interview )
I read more non-fiction than fiction.
I am also a content creator using digital photo, video and some online platforms such as Vimeo and WordPress.
Along with my ex partner Sylvie we developed a project which took the name of The Noble Peace Tribe, which later derived into Free Food For Future.

Before the cornacrisis went off the leash, I spent more than a year traveling around Ecuador on a trip to find company, location, shared vision and myself.

After almost 14 years immersing myself into the organic and then agroecologic scene, most of my experiences in growing and harvesting food had been in other people’s organic projects in Chiapas and San Miguel de Allende in Mexico; in Sebastopol, CA, USA, and Tres Piedras, NM, USA.

One of thee most interesting projects I saw in Mexico was in 2017 when exploring a stock-free comercial agriculture project in the volcanoes of Mexico City. Now I am getting ready to join others to make this planet the (edible) Garden Planet it used to be a long long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

I hope to find a fertile place to call home, a meaningful intentional community to call family and living a meaningful life by serving that, which is bigger than us and unites us. 

My aspiration is to harvest our daily fresh plant ingredients, prepare and share food in community, listening to nice beats, staying around good vibes without gossip, drama, competition, rivalry, etc., living in cooperation, with trust and enjoying what we are doing. I would like to share a vision in community to being able to enrich the soil for new veganic produce with food sovereignty and food security in mind while co-creating a replicable food system.

I do believe that vegan agroecological permaculture and edible forests are a holistic approach to nourish human and non-human animals alike with positive impacts on biodiversity, soil and water bodies.

Would be stoked to meet up with brothers and sisters from all the countries which are like minded and like hearted.